“I am excited to endorse Lorin Palmer in his run for Herriman City Mayor. Lorin is a thoughtful leader, has a strong work ethic, and is passionate about Herriman City. As a community advocate, Lorin fought for responsible growth and raised awareness for issues important to Herriman. Lorin will be a phenomenal Mayor, and I look forward to working with him as Mayor on enhancing our quality of life, improving infrastructure and promoting policies that encourage responsible growth.”

Candice PierucciUtah House of Representatives

“We need Lorin Palmer as Herriman's next Mayor! I have worked alongside Lorin for over 5 years now as we have tried to organize and motivate our community to fight for Responsible Growth. I have seen Lorin become a leader and a uniter in the community. I saw him bring together residents from all over the city and leaders from all over the southwest part of the valley in an effort to retain our quality of life in Herriman. I have seen Lorin put in countless hours of work for our community without any hesitation, simply because he cares. I have witnessed Lorin’s passion for this city and his desire to make positive changes in order to make Herriman a great place to live for years to come. For all of these reasons and many more, I fully support Lorin Palmer for Mayor of Herriman City.”

Jared HendersonCouncilmember, Herriman City

“I am pleased to announce that I am endorsing Lorin Palmer for Mayor of Herriman City.

This is pivotal time for Herriman. As we evolve and change as a city, we need a Mayor who will champion our heritage and history, while advocating for smart and responsible growth. We need a Mayor who can best represent our city, who has good relationships with the rest of the City Council as well as the other community leaders, and can speak on the issues from day one. Lorin is that person.

Lorin had demonstrated his commitment to this city for a number of years, both during his time on the Herriman City Planning Commission, and as the leader of Utah/Herriman For Responsible Growth groups. Lorin has been at the very forefront of the hottest issues in our city. He has led two recall efforts against development decisions both by our city AND by the County. His credentials in fighting for our city are unquestionable.

However, despite the strength to help organize his neighbors into a successful and influential political force in Herriman and neighboring communities, Lorin remains one of the most approachable, friendly, and frankly kindest people I know. He will fight tooth and nail against a wrong he sees, and then be there in the morning to help the person he was fighting against move a couch...and they would welcome him.

Lorin has that unique ability to be absolutely firm in his convictions, and still find common ground to build relationships around. He is intelligent, well informed, principled, and yet able to change his mind when better information comes along.

Lorin is an unassuming leader. He isn't loud or demonstrative, but he is reasonable, communicative, and is able to build bridges and consensus for the ideas he champions. He and I have been in numerous meetings together working for Herriman City's interests at the city, regional, county, and state levels. He knows all the players inside and outside of community and speaks with them regularly. He is a respected leader and influencer in our community. There just aren't that many people as well connected and involved on Herriman related issues as Lorin Palmer.

Lorin is a person I am proud to call friend. He is a man of good character who loves his family and his community. He is simply the right man for the job.

Please join me in voting Lorin Palmer for Mayor of Herriman City.”

Steve ShieldsCouncilmember, Herriman City

“It is a great pleasure for me to endorse Lorin Palmer for Herriman City Mayor. I have had the opportunity to get to know Lorin over the past several years and find him to be a man of integrity who has a love for our community. I watched him work tirelessly through a referendum process because he believes in responsible growth. I believe he will bring that same work ethic to the office of mayor and continue to be an advocate for responsible growth as he represent the voice of Herriman residents.”

Sherrie OhrnCouncilmember, Herriman City

“There has never been a more critical time for Herriman City than the Mayoral Election of 2021.

Herriman has seen dramatic growth in our city. This growth brings various challenges such as creating adequate infrastructure like roads, utilities, water, and of course schools. Electing the right leaders this year will have long-term effects on Herriman City.

I believe Lorin Palmer has the right skills to be our next Mayor in Herriman.

Lorin understands the history of Herriman. He has lived in Herriman long enough to know where we have been, where we are now, and where we need to go in the future. His experience on Herriman Planning Commission and creating Herriman for Responsible Growth and Utah for Responsible Growth will prove valuable as Herriman takes the next steps into our future.

Lorin Palmer has developed relationships of trust among many of our elected officials in Herriman and the surrounding communities. The ability to work with other elected officials is absolutely critical.

Lorin is the only candidate for Mayor that has reached out to me and asked for my endorsement. He cares about our schools and is committed to working with the Jordan School District and other Charter Schools to make education a top priority. We have had several great discussions on how we can work together to continue to build excellent schools in our community. His relationships with other elected officials will give Herriman City a seat at the table as the Southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley continues to grow.

Most importantly, Lorin is connected to the community. You see him at city events as he serves our community. Many people in the Herriman Community are active on Social Media platforms. Lorin actively follows the community's concerns and responds appropriately. He does not just say he is transparent; he actually is. He has been attending the City Council and Planning meetings for years and shares with the community important issues before us.

Join me in helping Herriman take a big step forward by electing Lorin Palmer as Herriman City Mayor.”

Darrell RobinsonSchool Board Member, Jordan School District

“I can say with 100% certainty that Lorin Palmer is running for Mayor because he cares what is best for Herriman and its residents. This is absolutely not about political gain. This is not about making a name for himself. Lorin simply cares about the city of Herriman and wants to ensure the voice of the people is properly represented. Most importantly, he has the knowledge and experience to address the growth challenges we face as a city.

I had the privilege of working with Lorin to represent the Herriman resident concern around the sustainability of the Olympia Hills Proposal. From my time spent with Lorin, as we worked with SLCo and other local representatives, I found Lorin to be absolutely committed to what is best for the citizens of Herriman. His knowledge and understanding of planning and development leave me confident that he can properly lead the city through this time of rapid growth and expansion.

For these reasons, I unquestionably support and endorse Lorin Palmer for Herriman City Mayor.”

Justin SwainHerriman Resident/Utah for Responsible Growth

“I am endorsing Lorin Palmer for Herriman City Mayor. I met Lorin during the SL County Council hearings for the development of Olympia Hills in the Southwest Valley. Lorin was instrumental in driving this opposition from a grass roots effort starting in Herriman, and  spreading the opposition movement to Riverton and other South Valley cities. Lorin has showed how powerful and important building a great team is, and works well with other cities elected officials. He is a great family man and volunteers his time in supporting the youth soccer community as a coach and leader.  He cares deeply for Herriman City! Herriman needs a strong leader to build the needed infrastructure and to drive smart development now and into the future. He brings with him great synergy, enthusiasm, and drive, and will bring that leadership and his hard work ethic to Herriman. Please join me and other community leaders in supporting Lorin Palmer to be your next Mayor.”

Claude Wells, III

Riverton City Council Member

“I’ve known Lorin Palmer while working with him on community issues related to housing, development and the responsible growth of the area. He is a thoughtful leader with integrity, compassion and understanding. I’ve always found him to be a strong advocate for our city. His time on the Planning Commission, his experience dealing with complicated issues that affect Herriman, and his ability to bring people to productive conversations and decisions make him my choice for mayor.”

Lorin SmithHerriman Resident

“I had the privilege of working alongside Lorin as he has fought for responsible growth in the southwest part of the county. He worked tirelessly to coordinate and synergize efforts of many residents from many communities. He fought for our communities when government leaders would not listen to residents or local officials, used his voice to speak out where he could be heard, and helped organize citizens to amplify their voices to make a difference. He helped turn a small grassroots effort into a statewide movement to advocate for sound policies in high growth and newer communities. We need courageous leaders who aren't afraid to speak and act, who understand that decisions made today can have generational impacts. I believe Lorin will continue to bring people together to move Herriman forward in a positive direction.”

Kim ColemanFormer Member of the Utah House of Representatives, District 42

“It is often said that there are two kinds of people in this world- those who give, and those who take. Lorin Palmer is a giver. He gives friendship to those who need a helping hand. He gives a listening ear to those whose voices need to be heard. He gives to his community through countless hours of volunteer work fighting for a better Herriman. And he gives of his time by serving on the city's Planning Commission, an often thankless job.

Unfortunately, the world has too many "takers" in positions of leadership these days. And they are too willing, too eager, to play the game of politics for their own personal advantage.

But not Lorin. Lorin doesn't give with the expectation of receiving something in return. He gives because he wants to lighten the load for others. He gives to help create a brighter future for those around him. He is a natural leader and a man of integrity. So let's give him a chance as Mayor, and give ourselves the opportunity to be served by someone who truly wants to do the job right for the right reasons.”

Lisa BrownHerriman Resident

“In his work on the Herriman Planning Commission and his service in the community, Lorin has demonstrated the expertise, thoughtfulness and integrity I’m looking for in our next mayor. He truly understands what it means to be a public servant, and I know he will work tirelessly to do what’s right for the city and its residents. It is my pleasure to endorse him for mayor.”

Martin RicksHerriman Resident

“I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Lorin Palmer for mayor of Herriman City. Because Lorin has served on the city planning commission and has been keenly involved in city council meetings for years as a concerned resident, he is armed with experience and knowledge about the issues facing Herriman City.

I know Lorin is not a political creature and that's what I love about him. He doesn't try to find solutions that will make his political allies happy or make his political enemies hurt. He's not interested in bettering his own reputation or image. He tries to find solutions that are the right solutions for the situation. I know he will thoroughly study the issues placed before him, confer with others who may know the details better than he does, and put forth a proposal that is crafted to provide the most net benefit.

And, best of all, Lorin is extremely approachable. I think he will make a spectacular mayor for our city and will represent us well, with dignity, professionalism, and thoughtfulness.”

Doran BartonHerriman Resident

“Lorin Palmer has a notable ability to inspire, motivate, and listen. He has been a great leader in Utah for Responsible Growth, bringing people together as part of the effort for responsible growth in all of Utah, not just Herriman. Inspiring citizens to be involved in the development of their communities because he understands residents know their communities best. He is a man of integrity and is passionate about the community. Lorin would be a phenomenal Herriman Mayor and would be a true voice for Herriman residents.”

Tracie Halvorsen

“I have known and worked closely with Lorin for many years and I have known him to be incredibly level headed, caring, and driven. He is community minded and truly wants to make Herriman better. I have no doubt that he will do everything in his power to work for the people of Herriman. He will tirelessly pursue the best interests of our city and I can’t think of a better person to do the job of mayor.”

Haley HillHerriman Resident