Lorin Palmer for Mayor

Herriman Invested. Herriman Proud

Unity through community.

Work to create more community spaces, trails, youth sports fields, and other desired amenities.

Herriman was the fastest growing large city in the country from 2010-2019 having grown over 135% in just 10 years. This rapid growth has forced the city to focus on infrastructure that includes streets, water, sewer, parks, and much, much more. While we have some amazing parks and trails, we can be creative in seeking opportunities for community spaces in all areas of the city – spaces where people can meet their neighbors, enjoy the outdoors, and feel a sense of community. We can continue to expand on our amazing trail system, we can have field space for a variety of youth sports, and we can create areas for interests of all types. There are ways to provide these amenities without much cost to the city. There are grants available and private/public partnerships that can be leveraged for the benefit of the city.

Improving quality of life for residents

We all know about the traffic issues we are facing in the city. As the city continues to grow, it will become critical that we work in partnership with the county and state to secure necessary funding for our city. Because of our location in the valley and the desirability for so many people to live here, it’s important that we fight for every dollar available so that our city doesn’t bear the burden alone of all the growth on the west side of the valley. With this anticipated growth also comes an opportunity to increase our commercial tax base by focusing on bringing viable commercial options to areas along Mountain View Corridor and along all major city arterial roads including 118th South, 134th South, and Herriman Parkway. 

Because of COVID-19, the work-from-home landscape could change forever. It is important that we work to have the infrastructure in place so that people can work from home. There is also an opportunity to bring some office space and/or employment centers to the west and south ends of the city. To recruit these opportunities, we can look at partnerships that will bring high speed internet options to all areas of our city.

 Advocate for housing of all types to be available in the city.

Including focusing on single family housing, so that residents that live in an apartment, condo, or townhome can have the opportunity to stay in the city.

There has definitely not been a more highly debated topic in our city in recent years than that of housing. To be clear, I am NOT anti-high density housing. What I do believe in is a balance of housing types. I believe this because I want everyone that moves to our amazing city to be able to call it home for the rest of their lives. I believe we should have apartments and townhouses available for those that want to live in those. I believe that there should be “starter homes” available that have a small yard for those that want that option. I believe we should have some homes on larger yards for those that might want horse property or larger backyards.

The one thing I hear from so many people in our community is that they are in a townhome or apartment and want to “upgrade” to a small home, but that option is not available to them. I will advocate that future developments have this in mind. While most of our city has been “entitled” much can still be done to shape how these developments look and how they can be the housing inventory our city needs so that people that want to call Herriman home forever can do just that!